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Friday, May 13, 2016

Friends Show Up BY RICK WARREN — MAY 13, Friday

“Do not be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others”(Philippians 2:4 NCV).
The starting point of building great friendships is investing your time and energy. Deep friendships are not accidental. They are not instant. And they are not cheap.
Deep friendships are on purpose. They’re intentional. They are a choice.
Philippians 2:4 says, “Do not be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others” (NCV).
If you’ll practice this verse and get interested in others’ lives, you will make more friends in the next two months than you would in two years of trying to get other people interested in you.
You can’t be a friend without your presence. So remember these two words: Show up!Just show up. Physical presence is essential to having a long-term, deep friendship instead of an acquaintance.
When somebody says to you, “You know that small group this week? I’ll be with you in spirit,” you know what that means? Nothing! It’s a bunch of bologna. You can’t be in spirit anywhere. If you’re not there in body, you ain’t there. Friends show up. They’re present.
Talk It Over
  • What keeps you from being able to show up for your friends when they need you?
  • Who in your life needs your presence right now? How will you show up for him or her today?
  • With whom do you have deep friendships? What did it take to get to that point of friendship?

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