Thursday, June 30, 2016

Commanded Blessings - Joel Osteen Ministries daily devotional 30 June Thursday

Today’s Scripture
“If you fully obey the LORD your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the LORD your God will set you high above all the nations on earth. All these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the LORD your God.”
(Deuteronomy 28:1–2, NIV)
Commanded Blessings
There is a blessing that God has for every one of His children that will cause you to rise out of lack into abundance! It will take you from barely getting by to living in overflow. God’s blessing brings supernatural increase. We were never created to drag through life constantly struggling. He has commanded blessing when we come into agreement with His Word in our minds, hearts and actions.
This commanded blessing is found in Deuteronomy 28. It tells us that if we will live a life that honors God and obey His Word, then all these blessings will chase us down and overtake us. It says that we will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country. God will open up to you His good treasury and cause you to lend and not borrow. He will make you plenteous in goods and give you a surplus of increase.
Today, let this truth sink down into your spirit: the Creator of the universe has commanded blessing on you. Receive it today and choose to follow Him in everything you do!
A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You for Your commanded blessing. I receive Your truth which sets me free. Help me, by Your Spirit, to follow Your commands so that I may live a life that brings You honor in Jesus’ name. Amen.”
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