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Monday, October 3, 2016

Need a Change? Joel OSteen Ministries daily devotional 2 October Sunday

Today’s Scripture
“You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you; and light will shine on your ways.”
(Job 22:28, NASB)
Need a Change?
We all have areas in our lives where we desire to see change; areas we know we need to come up higher or addictions and strongholds we need to break. The good news is that God has given us the power to change! Scripture says that we overcome by the blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony. What are you saying about your circumstances? When you make your words line up with God’s Word, then what you declare will be established.
So often, we complicate life more than we need to. Our minds get busy trying to “figure” everything out. People can spend more time analyzing their situation instead of applying God’s Word to their situation. But today, you can change your life by taking five minutes to declare His Word. Don’t live in mediocrity any longer. Let God’s Word shine on your ways and direct your path toward the life of victory He has promised you!
A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You for loving me. Thank You for choosing me and empowering me to become all that You’ve called me to be. Today, I set my heart and mind on You, I will declare Your Word and follow Your ways so that I can become who you've created me to be in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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