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Monday, October 2, 2017

Become A Lifelong Learner BY RICK WARREN — OCTOBER 2 Monday

“Do yourself a favor and learn all you can; then remember what you learn and you will prosper” (Proverbs 19:8 GNT).
Many people spend their younger years getting an education. Hopefully, that commitment to education continues. We should all become lifelong learners.
The Bible says a lot about the importance of getting an education and continuing to learn. In fact, we’re told to love God with our minds (see Luke 10:27).
How do you love God with your mind? By using it, developing it, and not wasting it. The Bible says it this way: “Do yourself a favor and learn all you can; then remember what you learn and you will prosper” (Proverbs 19:8 GNT).
Do you want to be successful in life? The Bible says to learn and then apply what you’ve learned.
In almost every country in the world, it’s not an accident that Christians were responsible for starting the first school and the first hospital. We believe God doesn’t just care about your soul. He cares about your mind and your body, too.
You may not have had the opportunity to get a formal education, but there are still many ways you can learn. Getting an education can be a good investment of your time and your money — an investment in yourself.
But let’s be clear about this. Your education doesn’t end with school, and school isn’t the only place where we learn and get educated. To be successful, you’ll need to learn the rest of your life.
And you also have to be careful. You need to guard your mind. You need to learn the right stuff.
Proverbs 4:13 says, “Always remember what you have learned. Your education is your life — guard it well” (GNT).
Over the next few days in these devotionals, I’ll share some specific biblical wisdom about what it takes to guard what you put into your mind — whether you’re in high school, college, or an adult who is continuing to learn.
Talk It Over
  • How have you benefited from the truths, ideas, and principles you’ve learned in life?
  • How has your commitment to lifelong learning produced rewarding experiences?
  • How have you drawn closer to Jesus by loving God with your mind and by guarding your mind?

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