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Monday, February 12, 2018

God Is Our Source, Not the World - by Joyce Meyer Ministries daily devotion 12 February Monday

God’s financial system is not like the world’s system. And no matter what happen around us, we don’t have to be fearful because God loves us.
While the world’s financial systems are often unstable, the love of God never changes and remains our solid foundation in life. We can have confidence that whatever is happening, God wants to help us and will go out of His way to meet even our simple day-to-day needs.
Second Corinthians 9:10 emphasizes that God will provide for our needs and give us bread for eating.
God is the One who supplies our needs. Our jobs are not our source—God is. So when jobs and investments disappear, we don’t have to feel hopeless because God is not limited. He can provide for us through other means, in ways we may not have imagined or can figure out ahead of time.
Matthew 6:26 reassures us that if God takes care of the birds, we can believe He is going to provide for us, too. Do you believe God can take care of you?
Prayer Starter: God, thank You for being a faithful, trustworthy source and providing all I need. No matter what happens, I rely on You and only You to meet my needs.

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